Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We're here and getting settled. The girls are doing great! They have been here for about 24 hours and so far they have:

  • Picked raspberries. Dylan made raspberry pancakes. We have two rows of raspberry shrubs. What a treat!
  • Caught grasshoppers. They had never seen grasshoppers before. Someone mowed the field so they were all over.
  • Taylor named the horses Lulu and Cosu. She has made all kinds of plans for them She will feed and pet them. Grandma and Papa will clean up the poop with a shovel. Just one small glitch, they are not our horses. They belong to the neighbor. I love having animals in our backyard that we can just enjoy. No work involved. We have cows too.
  • Seen many different kinds of birds. There is the sweetest quail family here. The parents waddle along the fence with babies in tow. They make the trek a couple times a day.
We love the house and even better the land. It's so peaceful and private. We woke up to the sound of birds this morning and nothing else.

I will post pictures soon. We get Internet tomorrow so I can do more of an update.

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