Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garden Girl

After receiving a vote of no confidence from Kendall in the spring I am happy to say that our first garden was mostly successful.

As I was planting strawberries in May this was our conversation:

Kendall: Oh no. We're....
Me: What's up? Is everything okay? (I could see the stress on her face)
Kendall: Nevermind.....Well....Well, we're going to have to get grandma over here. You're just not good at this kind of thing.
Me: What? You don't think I can grow a garden? You'll see. At the end of summer you are going to be so proud of me.

Okay, so the strawberries never grew. My Mother-in-Law said it best when she asked, while sqinting her eyes, "What did you plant, strawberry seeds?".

But the rest of the garden took off without a hitch. Well except for the corn that turned out not to be corn. Getting excited about the corn that popped up even though we didn't plant corn was a little hopeful. We watered and nurtured that stuff. It grew and grew. But when we got to Albuquerque for vacation and saw the corn they were growing there, we knew we did not have corn at all. When we got home I promptly googled 'weed that looks like corn'. What do you know?! We were growing millet and boy did we have a good crop!

Really though, we've had some luck. We have huge cucumber,carrots, peppers, onions, lettuce and a ton of pumpkins.

Kendall has more confidence in us now. We will definitely do vegetables again, we will try our luck at strawberries and even some market flowers. I'm looking forward to the next growing season.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Genius Parenting

Sometimes I can't believe I get paid for what I do, working with young children and teachers. I get to laugh out loud every day. Today it was this conversation:

Jane (name changed to protect the hilarious): I'm allergic to boys.
Teacher: (laughing) Who told you that?
Jane: My Daddy.
Teacher: I thought so (still laughing).
Jane: Well, I'm not allergic to these boys. I'm allergic to boys I don't know.

That dad is a genius I tell you. I promptly went home and told K & T that they are allergic to boys. They didn't buy it. Damn, I should have tried it when they were younger.