Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shopping Stinks

I never thought I would say this, but shopping stinks; in Yakima anyway. I don't remember the shopping options being so pitiful when we lived here before. But I got used to great shopping being just 10 minutes away from home. Here it doesn't exist. I would need to drive over an hour for decent choices.

So I decided to try shopping online. That isn't as easy as it sounds. I've ordered three pairs of shoes and am returning two ankle breaking pairs. The heels didn't look THAT high online. My husband is just an inch or so taller than me so they're just not going to work.

Is it bad to pray to God that they open a Nordstrom Rack here? I mean, I'm not asking to win the lottery or anything. I gave up on that one a long time ago. Just, please God, bring me some decent shopping. And I'm not talking about that over-priced, kids clothing store Gymboree that's already going in. Do you really think Yakima needs a Gymboree?! Oh and Trader Joes would be nice while you're at it.