Friday, June 12, 2009

Gray Hair

Taylor is going to be the one to give me gray hair. She had stitches in her head at 2 1/2 and today she got another head wound. We have to go back on Wednesday to see if her nose is broken. Poor girl.

She was walking on a wood tree stump at school. She jumped but did not catch herself with her hands. Instead she caught herself on the concrete path with her head and nose. :( She has a huge lump on her forehead and a puffy nose. They need the swelling to go down to see if it's broken. If so, they'll refer her to an ear, nose and throat doctor to see if it needs to be re-set so that it can heal properly.

The girl is a trooper. She sat there and did everything the doctor asked. When she got her stitches last year she didn't even cry while the doctor stitched her up. She sat there as still as can be. She's amazing! Luckily it wasn't Kendall that got hurt. That would be a whole other story altogether.

I'll post a photo tomorrow.

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