Monday, February 22, 2010

I refuse to be a muffin

I admit it. I've rode the "I just had a baby......(4 years ago)" train long enough. I kept waiting for my body to bounce back like it did after my first pregnancy. But I guess when you are 37, that just doesn't happen. The muffin top is here to stay unless I get my butt moving.

Luckily it looks like Spring has come a little early. It's been beautiful. I started running around the park by my work. I can't wait for the crumbs to start falling off my body. This had better work!

What did you say?!

T is four years old and she's a genius when it comes to anatomy. This weekend she looked in the mirror with a flashlight and said "Look Mom. I have a nipple on my face". Is it bad that I made her repeat herself seven times before telling her that I think she meant pimple?