Saturday, October 30, 2010


The home we live in now is not ours, we rent. The owner would like us to buy it but we are conflicted. He hasn't told us the asking price but we do know he is a bit upside down in the house which is probably the biggest reason we hesitate to mentally buy this place. I've put a lot of thought into it and here are my pros and cons:

Staying Here:
~No moving expenses
~No moving hassle (isn't that worth like a million bucks?!)
~We feel comfortable here
~We know what we would do to update the home, we've (okay, I've) got it all mapped out in my head.
~Land and space so we aren't crowded.

~Land. I'm not sure I want to be responsible for almost 3 acres. And I kind of like living in a neighborhood.
~Less expensive options. Maybe.
~Less updating. Maybe. Although, for some reason, I am usually attracted to the ugliest house on the block and have lots of great ideas. This drives Dylan crazy.
~One level. I've wanted a one level house for a long time. The last three homes we have lived in have been two levels. I would like a spacious rambler.

Something along the lines of this!

Right now we are in a house that looks like this:

The house needs a ton of updates; all new flooring, walls moved, kitchen redone, bathrooms redone, light fixtures redone, exterior lighting installed. I could go on.

I tend to obesses about things. I'm trying not to obsess and trying to allow things to happen as they are meant to.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baking Bread

I live in the country. I should be able to make a decent loaf of bread. I borrowed the bread machine from my Mom. I bought all of the healthy ingredients. And I was ready to bake several loaves a week so that we wouldn't have to buy processed bread from the store again or go broke buying the healthy stuff.

Attempt #1: Dense brick that slightly resembled bread.
Attempt #2: Not quite as dense but still gross brick that slightly resembled bread.

Now I could buy the premade bread mixes but what's the point? Those are $4 a pop. I might as well go to the natural section of the grocery store and pay $4 a loaf for good bread.

Well, I'll give it another try. I live in the country. I have to be able to do this!