Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holidays 2007

We had wonderful time this year. It was so exciting to see Christmas through the girls' eyes. We hosted our annual cookie decorating event at our house on Christmas Eve. We had a terrific potluck dinner. Dylan made his first ever prime rib. I heard it was good. I wouldn't know since I don't eat beef. The kids made cookies to leave out for Santa.

I hardly slept on Christmas Eve. I was full of nervous energy. I kept expecting Kendall to get up in the middle of the night and I wanted to get her back to her bed before she saw her presents. Santa doesn't wrap what he brings the girls so it would have ruined the surprise. Plus Dylan and I bought the girls a huge dollhouse that sat out unwrapped as well. But both girls slept all night.

Everything was a hit Christmas morning. Nana stayed the night so that was an extra special treat. The girls tore through their gifts just like the kids do on A Christmas Story. I think the biggest hit was a giant princess tent that Dylan bought for them. Every year I say that I am only going to buy one gift from Santa and one gift from us. And every year after all my shopping is done Dylan decides to get them another present. And it's never small. This time it takes up our entire living room. But they love it! They didn't come out of that tent all day yesterday. I probably could have taken off for the day to run errands and they still would have been sitting there inside the tent playing with their dollhouse.

On Christmas morning we went over to Dylan's sister Rachel's house for a nice relaxing dinner. My sister Nicole, Chris and Aidan joined us there. Of course I ate too much but that's what the holidays are for, right?

I love the holidays but I also love the day after Christmas just as much. I take down the tree and neatly pack away all the decorations. I just love the way that makes our house seem so clean and roomy. I know some people like to extend the holidays by keeping the decorations out for a while longer but ever since I was a kid I got way too much joy out of packing everything up. I guess it's my way of saying I'm ready for winter to be over. Bring on Spring.

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