Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Holidays!

We are so excited for Christmas this year. It is the first year that we are able experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. Last year both girls were still too young to remember what happens at Christmas so they weren't excited. This year Kendall is bouncing off the walls and Taylor has an equal amount of energy even if she doesn't know why.

We went for our annual visit to see Santa. I have taken the girls to the same Santa every year and it's so great to see all of the photos displayed in a row. So we got dressed up to go again. Taylor refused so it is just Kendall in this year's photo. And when it was her turn and Santa asked what she wanted Kendall asked "Can you just take my picture?". Those of you how know Kendall well probably aren't surprised. But I think Mr. and Mrs. Claus didn't quite know what to think.

The other day Taylor said "Me sit Santa's lap". So we will get the girls dressed and try it again tomorrow. I would love to get both of them in this years photo. Either way I will post this year's picture on here this weekend.

I can't wait for Christmas day. We bought the girls a big pink and white dollhouse. They are going to love it! Now I just need to get some furniture.

I have new pictures to post from the first snowfall of the season. I will get those up soon.

These are my wishes for 2008:
  • GiGi and crew sell their house and move back to Yakima
  • Mom and Tanja's new business takes off and they are super successful
  • We have a big celebration for Kolton's graduation in June
  • Korey safely gets his license and continues to get great grades
  • Nicole, Chris, Mark & Jenny have good things happen this year
  • Rachel, Rob and Xander welcome a healthy new baby around Valentine's Day
  • Maggie finds someone special that fits her life perfectly
  • We sell our house in January and get to move closer to work and school
  • Our family and friends continue to be blessed with good health
Have a wonderful holiday and very happy and prosperous 2008.

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