Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chair re-do Take 2

I bought my dining set from an antique store. I refinished the table twice. I hated it the first time. I've refinished the chairs once and don't love them so I'm going to do it again and hope the second time is a charm too.

I found a fabric remnant on clearance for $3.50. And now decision time. What color should I paint the frame? The table is mahogany color. I can sand and refinish the wood or paint them cream, black or even go out on a limb and paint them a dark blue/teal like in the pattern in the fabric. I'm loving Martha Stewart's colors Plumage, Blue Suede and Gabardine. Looks like I'm not the only one loving these shades right now.

Check this out!

The other thing I need to decide is whether to put a fun, flirty little skirt on the chairs. Maybe something tailored or something more gathered and feminine.

Here are some pics of the chair before and the new fabric. Any thoughts on frame color? I would love your input.

Our dog Stella likes the new fabric.


casey at loft and cottage said...

Ha, my sister just reupholstered her kitchen chairs in this exact fabric! Great minds! So glad I found your blog, and thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

UrbanCountryMom said...

Really?! What a coincidence. said...

I love the new fabric! And your dog looks a lot like mine.